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Trash cans smell better and look great. Definitely 10/10


Amazing service!! I never knew how much I needed this service until we got it!! Bags break, leak and with the hot summer months coming the odors can be terrible!! This solves all the problems and the ravens don’t try to open our trash cans anymore!


This service is something you didn't know you needed!!! highly recommend. Their customer service is great and sign up was fast and easy!


Had Better Bins come out and clean my bin and they did an awesome job! Highly recommend ‼️


What an AMAZING service!! I highly recommend! If your anything like me and hate the garbage, the garbage can and Trash day! I hate the smell, the flies everything about the trash cans. But this service cleaned my trash can has it smelling good, super clean and now I do not need to dread Trash days!! Definitely a service I will use again 💯❤️ Thank you for making life simpler 🤗


What an amazing service. My trash can was disgusting. I’ve had it for 10 years and I have tried everything to clean it, even pure bleach. Nothing ever got it clean and got the gross trash smell out. Then I had Better Bins clean it and it is cleaner now than when I received it from the trash company! Plus it smells good. I never expected to be able to say my trash can smells good, but it does. I’m 100% hooked!


My dumpster looks as fresh and clean as the day I bought it! Reasonable rates and great service!

Excellent business choice for our community! Great to see NEW things brought to Pahrump! YOU DID THAT, CONGRATULATIONS!!!


I am so happy with this service, the sign up was easy, the customer service is amazing and my bin doesn't smell like death!


I forgot to take a before photo but believe me Better Bins LLC made my trash can look sooooo good! I highly recommend them🙂

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